Häuser Eco-Friendly

Häuser Eco-Friendly products were created as a solution to the impact of environmental pollution by unraveling plastic waste which is increasingly due to the rapid development of the plastic industry in the world.

Bio Plastic Polymer

Bioplastic Polymer is a polymer product developed by PT. Häuser Lautan Kimia through research and development of the polymerization process of cassava starch, corn starch, and cellulose. This product can be used as a raw material polymer (resins) for injection plastic products, blowing, extruding, and others.

Bio Additives

Bio-additives is an additive product that was developed to improve the decomposing process of plastic polymers that is from petroleum derivatives. This product is developed through research and development using vegetable-based ingredients.

Bio Colour

Bio-colour is a plastic colourant product with a carrier based on bioplastic polymers where colours will be produced according to customer’s request. This product is using an advanced technology development so that environmentally friendly products can be given colours that attract consumers.




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