Häuser Decorative Paint is a paint product that is specifically formulated to give certain effects and colours in accordance with the development of colour trending. Häuser Decorative Paint can provide special effects such as glow in the dark, magneto, and others. Our products have exceptional durability compared to other decorative paint products.

Wood & Metal

Häuser Wood and Metal Paint is a product that is developed by the research and development team of PT. Häuser Lautan Kimia to coat wood and metal surfaces. Our products are specially formulated so it can be easily applied and long-lasting.


Häuser Industrial Paint is a paint product specially formulated to be applied on surface layers with certain conditions even extreme conditions such as weather, temperature, air, pH, humidity, and others. Some of our developed products are for acid resistance, heat resistance, and others.

Heavy Duty

Häuser Heavy Equipment and Tools Paint is a paint product specifically formulated to be applied on heavy equipment and tools. Our product does not only provide colour coating on the heavy equipment’s surfaces but also provide special protection to the heavy equipment’s surfaces so it can withstand certain conditions. Heavy equipment is often used in mining sites and building constructions so it requires special layer protection to withstand surrounding conditions.


Häuser Marine Paint is a proprietary formulated product for marine sector especially ships and sea port. We provide you with anti-rust paint for ships and ports, paint for ship’s deck, heat resistance paint for ship’s funnel, etc. Our Häuser Marine Paint is easy to be applied. You can apply our product while sailing for time efficiency.


Häuser Roads Paint is a paint product which is formulated for road application. Our product gives excellent properties especially for reflective effect, glow in the dark or illumination effect, and bright colours. Häuser Marine Paint gives you good road markings for traffic symbols and safety especially during night time.

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